Val Miftakhov was working as a pilot when he first realized that there was a grave matter that needed attending. He wished to replace fossil fuels with hydrogen-electric solutions and as a result, he started the company ZeroAvia. ZeroAvia has established itself as a startup company with alternative aircraft propulsion systems since its launch four years ago. Shortly after that, however, the COVID-19 pandemic caused airlines around the world to lose an obscene amount of revenue and in their efforts to make up for that lost revenue, they found that people had become more vocal in their wishes for transportation options that result less carbon emissions. Airlines have realized that if they wish to continue services in the future, they will need to change their typical day-to-day operations and work to accomplish the same goals as ZeroAvia. ZeroAvia plans to create aircrafts with about 10 to 20 seats that will run solely on hydrogen-electric technology for at least 500 miles with the sole purpose of passenger transport, package delivery, and agriculture. Amazon is an avid supporter of sustainable aviation as a solution to decarbonize the air industry just as ZeroAvia, and they believe that partnering with ZeroAvia will increase the likelihood that they will be successful. According to PR Newswire, as a result, Amazon invested a noteworthy amount in the startup and since its investment, many other companies and airlines have joined in as well. Without contributions from these likeminded companies, the aviation industry wouldn’t be able to create the environmental solutions we need.