About six years ago, Cleanaway was experiencing some financial struggles due to a debt of roughly $2.1 billion. At the time, the biggest waste management Australian firm was known as Transpacific. It lacked a cohesive strategy and was unprepared for the sudden changes in the field of waste management. Currently, Cleanaway has risen more than 120 ranks on the index in the ASX market.

It has achieved more than $5 billion in market capitalization. Financial parameters are at incredible levels, and greenfield investments and strategic acquisitions have placed the company as a driving innovator and industry leader in the whole sector. Vik Bansal is at the core of this corporate transformation. He is the managing director and chief executive officer at Cleanaway.

He has served in this capacity since 2015 and only recently announced his intentions to step down by June 2021. Financial managers have credited most of the corporate achievements at Cleanaway to Vik Bansal. He knew the necessary changes that the world had to adopt in regard to waste management. Instead of making a couple of changes to the company, Vik Bansal sought to take on a unique approach.

The idea was for Cleanaway and the entire nation to create a different perspective towards the issue at hand. All stakeholders were expected to focus on a resource that would develop value. Vik Bansal mentioned that he sought to embrace his role at the waste management company by working with every team member. He added that though the business turnover was encouraging, it was the staff that made it possible.

A Brief History

Vik Bansal accepted the job with an objectified perception of the company and a profound comprehension of its performance. His mission was to help Cleanaway transition into a remarkable company. During his tenure, he has managed to achieve this mission that has been the highlight of his time at Cleanaway.

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