QNET prides itself on running different entities worldwide and adopts direct sales methods for e-commerce-based products and services. Through this method, employees of the firm can benefit from many opportunities, including building their sales teams. But Ponzi schemes and legit direct selling companies have big differences. The latter sell products and or services, unlike the former, where they only earn from mere recruiting of people. Most scam firms don’t sell anything, and they usually don’t last in the market. See more on Instagram

At QNET, participants earn commissions depending on what they sell. The firm enhances employee entrepreneurship by inspiring salespeople to build their professionals. The company members can market products to interested customers without the need for traditional intermediaries such as retailers or wholesalers. QNET brings products to customers at lower prices than traditional retail, simplifying the process. This provides customers with significant benefits in terms of on-time arrival. They also benefit from reduced purchase costs while sales staff earn in terms of earnings and business growth.

QNET doesn’t involve predatory sales and recruitment activities like illegal companies and has thousands of workers in different countries and regions. The firm also complies with the regulations of each country/region. Millions of customers also purchase from the platform, and the number has risen over the years. The company’s business model and working methods help customers and employees lead more prosperous and healthier lives.

QNET trusts that direct selling strategy plays an essential economic role because it creates multiple people and numerous options. Many organizations have mastered the essence of direct selling where the model gets rid of the middlemen. Traditional product sales methods involve innumerable participants, and it is termed outdated and cannot meet the high demands of consumers. Direct selling is the link between producers and consumers, making it easier for buyers to obtain affordable prices. The reduced prices increase the business-to-business system, thus expanding the business scope.

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