The passion of Peter Vitale towards life is seen in the passion he has towards his business and helping people. When he entered the insurance industry, Peter Vitale, a Michigan native, did not start at the top but rather as a sales agent. Through dedication to his work, he rose from one higher rank to another and at long last got to own his insurance company, Bloomfield Insurance Group, situated in Michigan. Peter Vitale plays various roles in the company, with the two main ones being management and consultancy.

Peter Vitale’s role as an insurance consultancy

As a consultant, Peter Vitale describes his job description as one he gets to help his clients achieve success. This successful Michigan insurance consultant plays a significant role in creating a growth plan for his company and clients. Unlike the role of an agent, the role of a consultant is more demanding. He always has to find ways to create a loyal customer base, find ways through which profits can increase, and ensure that the company has measures in place to ensure functionality.

Through consultancy, Peter Bale gets to have a better and more significant impact on society.

Everyday life

The success Peter gets to enjoy also comes from how he leads his daily life. Keeping in mind that he leads a very busy professional life, Peter usually has some tasks that he ensures to complete daily. This way, he gets to move closer to his long-term goals. Also, as a modern-day entrepreneur, Peter has had to embrace technology by using apps in planning out his day. Apart from work, Peter also gets to enjoy his time through reading and meditation.

For those individuals who want to take up insurance coverage, Peter Vale advises that it is crucial for them to have a one-on-one meeting with an agent to maximize the opportunities in the insurance industry.

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