An Introduction To Tom Chang

Many people in the world see countless people in influence and dream of living lives of their caliber. To be able to have a sizable impact on the world and go to sleep every day knowing you’ve made a difference. For Tom Chang, MD, however, he doesn’t dream of being one of these people; he is one of these people. He is a world-recognized clinician, surgeon and educator with expertise in the field of retina disease & surgery. Having acquired his MD from The University of Toronto Medical School, as well as his training in ophthalmology residency from the University of Western Ontario, Tom Chang then went on to complete multiple fellowships in the retinal field. 


These fellowships were an ophthalmic pathology fellowship received from the Wilmer Eye Institute at Johns Hopkins University, a vitreoretinal surgery fellowship received from the Emory University in Atlanta, & lastly a macular disease fellowship with Dr. Donald Gass received at the Bascom Palmer Eye Institute of the University of Miami (Vitals).


Tom’s Current Projects

After founding the Retina Institute of California, also known as the RIC, in 2005, Tom Chang MD has seen a stark rise in prominence. He was a crucial member of the team that performed the very first surgical implantation of stem cell treatment for dry macular degeneration, and he has given over 120 lectures in 15 countries with over 50 peer-reviewed publications. Tom Chang even occupies positions on the scientific advisory boards for many fortune 500 companies. Having been an innovative worker since his early days, Tom continues to revise the landscape around him and shows no signs of slowing down.