Ross LevinsohnBetween his years of industry experience and tremendous professional accomplishments, Ross Levinsohn’s name has become synonymous with brilliance. Since starting his career in 1990, Levinsohn’s been offered several opportunities. Hoping to make a name for himself, Levinsohn’s accepted seemingly every offer that’s come his way. Not only has this paved the way for a decades-long career, but it’s also inspired him to transcend his initial aspirations.

HBO, Fox Interactive Media, Yahoo, and Tribune Publishing are some prominent businesses that Levinsohn’s worked for. With each experience, Levinsohn gained a deeper understanding of his trade. Using this knowledge, he set out on an entrepreneurial endeavor. As a result, Levinsohn founded a strategic advisory firm. This venture added a notable feather to Levinsohn’s cap, but he was anything but ready to settle down.

A few years later, Sports Illustrated gave Levinsohn a spot at the helm. While serving as the company’s CEO, Levinsohn made significant improvements to the inner workings of the company. In addition to generating higher subscription revenues, he also breathed new life into the company’s editorial operations. Levinsohn’s ability to turn Sports Illustrated around earned him great recognition. Before long, Levinsohn was named the newest CEO of Maven.

  • Over the last year, Levinsohn’s helped Maven grow new partnerships. Given his varied work history, Levinsohn has many connections. Levinsohn’s undoubtedly used this to his advantage, allowing Maven to reap the benefits of his illustrious career. From his patience to his listening skills, Ross Levinsohn attributes his success to many of his coveted attributes. However, his fearlessness is what continues to inspire the masses.