Robinson HelicopterTorrance is a Robinson Helicopter found in California that kick-started 2021 by dispatching the 13,000th rotorcraft in history. However, this happened amidst the pressing distractions triggered by the novel coronavirus pandemic, but the maker did not realize this achievement instantly.

Kurt Robinson is the venture president who claims that the firm about 5,000 R22s, 1000 R66s, and 7,000 R44s. Kurt Robinson claims that the company still has some old aircraft that gives the company some pride, and the focus is to increase the fleet and ensure everyone moves along. The duty experimented in the past year when coronavirus was at its peak because California was shut down to mitigate the ravaging virus.

The company was functioning properly until January until when cases of individuals attracting the virus were recorded. When L.A. had the lockdown instituted, almost all the workers were sent home for a few months to allow the government to arrest the virus.

The aircraft company took some time to know whether it rendered crucial services or not, and when it was confirmed, essential workers were reinstated. Kurt Robinson claims that initially the repair shop and some minimum stuff were just available. After the confirmation, the company was ready to follow protocols, reinstate all the people at a manageable pace.

Robinson Helicopter

Robinson Helicopter created plastic barriers and also made safe working areas, and even painted the floor in places experiencing high traffic, and also initiated mask mandates. Temperature check stations were introduced for every shift because they made scanners near the company clock.