The founder of, Richard Liu is a force to reckon with in the online business world with an online retail business that is second to none in China. However, the path to his rise to success was never a straight one since he had initially ventured into the restaurant business and failed. However, his consistency and vision paved his way to be among the online household names globally.

Before venturing to start his business, he attended Renmin University, where he graduated with a degree in sociology. While pursuing his degree, Liu Qiangdong self-taught himself computer programing that later become the foundation of his online business. Besides sociology, he graduated with an EMBA program in 1996 from the China Europe International Business School. With the EMBA, his management skills improved, which would later be fundamental when leading his business.

Richard Liu started his business, Jingdong, in 1998 that focused on selling electrical products. Even though he began with a single store, his business enjoyed early success. Within five years of operation, it had expanded to 12 stores. Business operations throughout the country came to a halt in 2003 in the advent of the SARS epidemic. Instead of shutting down like other businesses, Richard Liu opted to venture his business in the online platform which showed immense success. By 2004, he decided to venture solely into the online world giving rise to

Qiangdong’s futuristic leadership has led to the constant growth of throughout the years. In 2014, the company got listed in NASDAQ with a market share of about 54.3 percent. By 2016, it had made it to the Fortune 500 Companies making it the first internet company in China to get such recognition.

Currently, it is among the three top internet companies in the world, and the leading company in China. Liu has also scooped several awards including the China Economic Person of the Year award back in 2011 and Chinese Businessman in 2012. Refer to this article for more information.


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