Richard Liu is the current and original founder of, and has remained as their chairman and CEO since their beginning in 2004.

With both of his parents working hard to provide for him, This man was left to lead the care for his grandmother who showed him how to appreciate every little thing that he had. He was a sister with cooking meals, Typically something meagre and affordable such as a sweet potato or corn dish.

Every now and then his grandmother would take him to the nearby farmer Co-Op where she would bribe me vendors with peanuts to procure the fattest slice of pork they had for sale that day.

Despite his poor impoverished upbringing this man always had very high hopes and ambitions for himself. He would only apply to colleges when he became of age to large cities like shanghai and Beijing. Because he was such an excellent student he ended up attending Renmin University.

Richard Liu pursued education in sociology and began to teach himself computer programming while he was also attending classes, studying, and he held a job down in a small business doing copies of letters and documents that were handwritten, which however turned to be highly lucrative for him as computer programming became a skill in very high demand in with very few in the capacity to perform such an event.

Since then he has received an enormous honor with the 2011 China Economic Person of the Year award that was granted from CCTV.

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