Richard De Vaul is a graduate of M.S. plus Ph.D. at MIT Media Lab. When he was at the media lab, he worked to come up with a programming language for making calculations on graphic design. He also wrote on concurrent memory support systems. Richard De Vaul has taken the lead in numerous projects, which have resulted in billions of dollars of market value at X. Since all these are attributed to him, he has been given more t6han 70 U.S. privileges.

In two decades, Richard De Vaul has emerged to be an exceptional professional when it comes to innovation. He had a chief objective: to bring change positively to the world of innovation, based on how many have done away with its true meaning. Several business personnel plus CEOs do seek Richard’s assistance to help with the establishment of innovation labs, handling problems dealing with processes involving innovation within the organization, or even helping in molding plus training the teams dealing with creation. When Richard has interacted with these people, he has learned that the majority of them do lack proper knowledge on what innovation is or have a wrong perception about it.

Most of them are for the idea that innovation is similar to creation in that if you come up with something new, then that is innovation. Based on the existing history of innovation, Richard De Vaul says that it is evident that invention has to be involved with destruction initially. He says that from the past, before you come up with something, it means you are getting rid of what was there before, obviously due to more positive results the new one brings. He says this is one of the reasons why it is so hard to do achieve true innovation. He says that players who have been established in the industry are slowly ruining what innovation entails by doing away with its foundation.