Getting involved in community work is not always an easy path for anyone. When someone sacrifices their time and resources to help the needy people in the society, it means that they have the best interest of the community. In the United States, many executives have been recognized because of their contribution and love for charity activities.

Pam Baer, a San Francisco based personality, however, has shown the world that women can be part of philanthropy too. The businesswoman has been partnering with different groups of people to support community work. Over the years, the talented professional has taken part in many community initiatives, and she always gives her best to ensure that her actions are successful.

Out of all the initiatives supported by Pam Baer, healthcare has been top on the list. Pam Baer believes that when the public healthcare department is in perfect shape, no member of the community is going to lose their lives because they could not afford the best medical care.

She launched For Goodness Sake in tribute to her grandmother. They sell different items such as jewelry and always have at least twenty-five percent of the profits being donated to different charities and causes. She is trying to help the community. She is married to the CEO of The Giants Larry Baer and they have four children together.

The desire to give back to the public health department did not start recently for Pam Baer. The businesswoman has always known her talents and desire for life ever since she was young. The motivation she would get from her loving grandmother about giving back played a huge role in her charity work. The process of giving back only began when the talented leader moved to San Francisco. The young lady had just been married into a new state, and she vowed to make the best out of the situation. See this page for more information.

Apart from being highly involved in family and business matters, Pamela Baer still found time to give back and ensure that everything was falling into the rightful place. Vulnerable people, regardless of their location in the society will always get some assistance from Pamela and her family. This culture makes the business woman very influential in the society.


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