The CEO and President of New York Road Runners, Michael Capiraso is a visionary leader focused on bringing sophisticated brands to new audiences. With him in in-charge, he has supervised all areas focusing on organization development, communications, marketing, and product development for high-quality brands, including Calvin Klein, New York Road Runners, and National Football League.

Despite the lockdown being lifted, many people worldwide are walking, running, or biking outside to keep fit. As more citizens turn to jog and running, there are questions on how to do it safely with the coronavirus mutating into new and dangerous strains.

Michael Capiraso urges athletes and citizens to engage in running activities outside but at a safe distance. According to health experts, there is minimal risk of infection from exercising outdoors as long as you observe the social space. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommend keeping a safe distance of at least six feet away from other people outside your premises. Further research has shown that the recommended space is still not enough as the activities are strenuous. An infected person running might release more coronavirus droplets into the air than one who is walking because of the former’s hard breathing. Thus, experts suggest runners should keep a distance of up to 10-12 feet when outside.

Runners should also put on a face mask to avoid community-based transmission of coronavirus. It is difficult to note asymptomatic people; thus, they may easily infect you by being close. While running groups are encouraging members to stay active for physical and mental health, safety is paramount, and therefore, exercises should be done with a lot of caution.

Michael Capiraso is encouraging athletes to exercise by minutes, not miles, and exercise more indoors on treadmills. He also urges athletes to stay connected virtually using tracking apps such as Strava. New York Road Runners is meeting online with trainees in its program and even launching new resources online.

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