The field Mark Hauser is most connected with is fitness investment. With broad experience in the industry, he knows what it takes to make a solid investment. His firm has successfully invested in several major projects within the fitness scene like Gold’s Gym, National Fitness Network (NN), and XPT Fitness Systems.

Mark Hauser continues his investments into the fitness industry through his four funds under Hauser Private Equity. This firm leverages its collective multi-industry expertise to create an investment strategy that best suits its clients’ needs. The fitness industry generated $32.6 billion in revenue in 2015 and is expected to grow by 3.2 percent each year until 2023.

Fitness investments include equipment and software for gyms, dining and events, weight loss products and supplements, wellness centers and retreats, sports training centers, and outdoor fitness classes. Other things fall into the category of physical exercise or personal well-being.

Hauser’s track record only surpasses his expertise: he has successfully invested in multiple major projects across all markets and is currently managing partner at Hauser Private Equity (HPE).

Mark Hauser has invested in several major projects throughout his professional career. This expertise makes him an ideal advisor for those looking to invest their money into fitness projects.

In Los Angeles, where he spent childhood, he could learn about fitness through his father, Art Hauser, a retired NFL player. Mark Hauser has created several successful businesses.

Hauser Private Equity leverages the collective multi-industry expertise of its four funds through its diversified investments across industries to ensure that it can take advantage of opportunities within areas like health care, technology, retail, and financial services for maximum capital gains for investors.

With a bachelor’s degree from Miami University in business administration and experience at Cincinnati’s Reynolds DeWitt & Co., Mark Hauser is well-equipped to understand the intricacies of investing in the fitness industry.