Luke Lazarus attended the Melbourne Business School to get his MBA after an impressive performance in high school.

Luke turned down multiple job offers to pursue his passion for business.

Luke sold four businesses he was managing at age 33 to retire but decided to use his success and knowledge to help entrepreneurs.

Lazarus launched Luke Lazarus Consulting, a consulting firm for entrepreneurs whose goal is to build a startup business to success.

Luke understands the struggles of getting a company the success desired because he was a business owner before.

Having a clear goal before starting a business is something Luke emphasizes for entrepreneurs running startups to develop a competitive edge in the market.

The CEO of Luke Lazarus consulting shared that not being hardworking is hardly the cause of business failure.

Luke has experience in marketing, different brands, and business in general, and he understands how to bring different businesses up by detecting a mistake.

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Luke services are recognized as honest and helpful in business.

As a business consultant, Luke works with struggling businesses to develop a strategy that will help them rise from what he has learned over the years.

Luke Lazarus encourages entrepreneurs to outsource services because they cannot do every business task alone.

Having employees will help save time and focus on revenue-generating strategies as a leader.

The CEO of Luke Lazarus Consulting also shares the need to brand a business to earn revenue as soon as it starts.

Luke helps entrepreneurs by communicating the need to find the balance between life and business through fitness, friends, and family.

Luke’s experience in consultancy has helped him achieve recognition and appreciation in the business world, working with executives to mentor and help them find courage in business.

The CEO of Luke Lazarus Consulting’s mission is to help several entrepreneurs find their niche in business using his knowledge and experience.

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