Vik Bansal, the former CEO of Cleanaway company, has recently joined InfraBuild to contribute his experience and development ideas. His leadership at the former organization led to significant growth as the institution became a leader in waste management. He served for six years, which earned him extensive experience and skills in executive leadership. It means a new down to the institution since he holds the transformational power that any company would need to become a market giant.

Before becoming the CEO of Cleanaway, Vik Bansal worked for other organizations. He has served in the US, Australia, and Asia, where he held executive positions. For over two decades, the entrepreneur caused significant transformation to several companies. They include OneSteel, where he was the General Manager for three years. The establishment grew considerably under his leadership and later changed its name to InfraBuild. It became a leader in the building industry, distributing steel metal to clients located in different areas.

Expressing his gratitude, Sanjeev Gupta, the executive chairman of InfraBuild, exclaimed that Vik has extensive knowledge with much value to the institution. He explained how the entrepreneur transformed many businesses, driving them to their apex. With such leadership, he foresees a brighter future with further development and economic growth.

Vik Bansal expressed his joy to join a winning team as he explained how InfraBuild impacts the industry with encouraging results. He believes that the company is among the leaders and can grow further. As he takes over the leadership as the CEO, the entrepreneur determines to see the organization meet all market demands.

Vik Bansal believes that his predecessors have performed fundamentally to bring the company to its current position. His experience and leadership skills are among the requirements needed to push the organization further. The entrepreneur appreciates the existing team, which he feels inspired to work with and realize the objectives set. His roles include serving as a board member under the Executive Chairman.

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