Laura is the Planned Parenthood Chief Executive Officer and President of New York City. In 2018, the organization had total operating revenue of $54 million. They are expecting around 97, 000 visits this year.

The Planned Parenthood is going through an expansion period with the leadership of Laura McQuade. She is leading the process as the firm continues to commit itself to comprehensive health care. Healthcare is recently under threat in various states due to abortion bans together with the restriction of Title X funding. The refusal-of-care rules by the federal government is another challenge.

Laura is leading a campaign for a new deal that will see them construct a negotiating authority in the Empire State. The five affiliates have agreed to for the deal to merge. This deal will establish the organization in Greater New York. The estimated budget for the operation is $110 million during the first year. There will be 28 health center facilities and 900 workers. The plan will see them accommodate over 200,000 patients every year.

This Laura’s plan will bring out a negotiating power for commercial payers as well as the potential to collaborate with bigger health systems. It will open ways for reproductive healthcare nationwide.

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