The COVID-19 pandemic changed the way people think about life and the things we buy. According to London Entrepreneur , the pandemic forced people to look at where and how they live as well as how they invest in the future. Real estate is one of those investments that felt the impact of the virus.

When the virus first hit the U.S., the real estate market came to a standstill. But now that the vaccine gave people some assurance of safety, people want to move, and first-time home buyers want to take advantage of the low-interest rates, according to real estate investor Kevin Seawright. Mr. Seawright started EPS Solutions to help first-time and seasoned home buyers navigate the rapidly changing real estate market.

Mr. Seawright created opportunities for first-time homebuyers in the Baltimore area when he meets them for the first time. His basic real estate tips can turn a rookie home buyer into a pro if they follow his simple home-buying formula. Seawright listened when he heard U.K. entrepreneur  say antiquated management styles and techniques must change in the post-pandemic world.

The first step in that change is the Seawright buying formula. The formula starts with checking credit scores and on-time payment histories. Kevin told the press a knowledgeable real estate agent is another plus. Agents that just want a quick sale usually make mistakes. Making a mistake in the post-pandemic real estate market is not a good look, according to Mr. Seawright.

RPS Solutions makes sure opportunities abound for homebuyers who follow his tips. As  said, looking at the whole picture gives buyers and the community a sense of economic stability. Fulfilling the dream of homeownership for people who did not know how to buy a home is the impetus behind Kevin’s real estate leadership.