The economy depends on various aspects to grow, and commerce and business are the most fundamental. The two entities influence the flow of money within industries. Since its onset, direct selling has become a business platform through which people earn significant wealth and make investments. QNET is one of the most successful direct selling companies, with several successes since starting its operations.

The company has established a healthy international network, housing numerous entrepreneurs with reputable names in the direct selling market. The organization has created a platform for many people to earn a living, especially during the pandemic. QNET owns numerous products, making it one of the leading economic drivers in India and greater Asia. It has made direct selling an international affair and one of the most trusted businesses across the globe. The institution has multiple stores from where it sells healthcare, consumer, and cosmetics products.

Defining the company in terms of achievements

The organization has registered several attainments since it started operations. It demonstrated a significant breakthrough in 2010 when they partnered with Virgin Racing. The move saw it make a historical mark in the sports industry, specifically in formula 1. The partnership excelled for the next several years, seeing the team changed its name to Marussia F1.

QNET continued to scale higher in partnerships, joining Manchester City in 2014 as its direct selling partner. The move marked the highest-ranked among several sports sponsorship the company boasts. QNET believes in the spirit of connecting passionate sporting fans to the reality of direct selling. The institution has excelled in that objective. In the process, it has attracted numerous followers from various regions, adding to its long list of associates.

The impact that direct selling has

Direct selling is not an ordinary idea as it comes with loads of impact on the business world. The approach reduces the cost of doing business by eliminating the middle man. A consumer has direct access to the products from the manufacturer without passing via retailers, wholesalers, and distributors. Finally, the approach boosts the market demand and favors the consumer by reducing the cost of goods. Go here to read some amazing reviews about them.


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