There are very many individuals in the business today who have originated from some humble beginnings and have made their impacts known in the world today. These individuals have been working on having some of the best strategies in their business operations, as this is the only way they can make an impact in the competitive business sector. Understanding the challenges and the motives behind the success of such experts is an important consideration.

John Ritenour is one of the few individuals in the world today who have originated from a humble beginning and have changed the way people view them. As the founder and the chief executive officer of the Insurance Office of America for more than thirty years, it is essential to indicate that John has been able to make some huge progress in some of the areas that people consider difficult and very hard to prosper.

However, the success of John Ritenour is specifically based on bringing some differences from what the entire industry was offering. This means that John was not starting an organization that would offer similar services just like other organizations in the same business. Instead, the business expert was interested in bringing something different to this sector. He wanted to offer a unique organization that would operate in a different strategy than what other insurance organizations were offering.

John Ritenour had worked in other insurance companies and had realized that such companies were only interested in making profits. This is not an approach that he valued as he believed that such organizations would be taking care of the needs of the customers. That is why all the products and the services that the Insurance Office of America was offering were mostly focused on addressing the needs of the customers. This organization has made its name by assisting suffering customers through insurance products.

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