People working in the healthcare industry face various challenges when they try to transform anything concerning it. That has, however, been made easy with cloud computing. Healthcare practitioners have been using cloud computing in the last few years to provide patients with high-quality and affordable services.

Chad Price started using cloud computing after getting tired of waiting for his sister’s results in a healthcare facility. He decided to start his firm without any medical or laboratory expertise. Therefore, he collaborated with Josh Arant, one of his friends, to create Mako Medical Laboratories.

Chad was determined to have a firm that would use whatever available resources to provide unique services to the people in need. As a result, Mako Medical Laboratories has been a favorite for most Americans since it opened its doors in 2014. According to, it provides diagnostic services for referral patients who visit different healthcare facilities in America. That has made the company win more than 12 notable awards.

The firm also works with the best scientists and chemists to provide solutions needed in the industry. When starting the company, the partners experienced challenges, just like other businesses do. However, that did not make them give up on their dream. On the contrary, the duo had a passion for helping needy people in society, which kept them going. That has made the company grow tremendously, winning numerous awards in the industry.