When one thinks of the words boarding school, it is often thought of as a school only wealthy parents send their children off to.

In various forms of media, such as Hollywood films, it is often perceived as a punishment or solution for a child’s bad behavior.

With scholarships available, Gordonstoun’s real-world approach to education, character development, and it is internationally and socio-economically diverse enrollment vastly challenges that perception.

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The student body at Gordonstoun’s’ ranges from ages four to eighteen and hail from forty countries.

They are broken up into Junior level and Senior level grades.

Most of the student’s board at the school full-time includes weekends, some board excluding weekends, and fifteen percent of the student body are day students.

Full-time students enjoy a weekend full of various activities including trips to the beach and movie nights.

No matter what status the student is enrolled in, all students benefit from the curriculum’s well-rounded approach to education.

Education at Gordonstoun is not simply contained to its small number of classrooms where one on one attention is comfortably achieved.

Both Junior and Senior students engage in activities that encourage international awareness and compassion to help shape them into individuals who will excel globally.

They have an English as an Additional Language program and offer foreign language classes that include Spanish, Latin, French, German, and Greek.

Taking full advantage of its beautiful Scottish landscape, students are taken on expeditions that prepare them with real-world survival skills.

These expeditions include a sailing trip for tenth-year students that teach them all the ropes to handling a ship and maintaining life at sea.

Outdoor expeditions also include skiing, kayaking, mountain biking, bushcraft in the wilderness, and even surfing in the Atlantic Ocean.

Gordonstoun’s alumni include members of the royal family as well as accomplished Hollywood actors’ and singers’ children.

With all that Gordonstoun has to offer, it is safe to say that this boarding school was not their punishment but an educational environment that attributed greatly to their global awareness and character development, shaping them into well-rounded contributors to their society.

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