Scott DylanThe Fresh Thinking Group partner, Scott Dylan, has encountered numerous entrepreneurs struggling to keep their enterprises afloat as a business development and investment expert. His firm is an independent capital investment agency that acquires distressed companies. It places them in a collaborative environment while providing business strategies and finances to help them achieve their goals. Scott Dylan has been instrumental in the acquisition and revitalization of these enterprises. He has leveraged his entrepreneurial spirit to guide these companies to get on track to achieve their full potential. Not so long ago, Dylan came out to share his entrepreneurial advice.

Ask questions

According to the Fresh Thinking Group founder, asking questions is one of the most underrated characteristics of successful entrepreneurs. He advised upcoming entrepreneurs always to ask questions, which allows them to learn and increase their expertise in business leadership. There are numerous things that an entrepreneur has to learn through experience, and when someone is starting their business journey, it will take them a while to gain this experience. Scott Dylan said that, however, by asking questions, they can get this knowledge directly, and they will have a better start as business leaders. He added that learning is a never-ending journey in business leadership, and one will always have to ask questions as they expand their enterprises. Moreover, it’s also vital to ask your clients questions, which will put you in a better position to understand their needs. Thus, you will serve them exceptionally, and you can win their loyalty.

Turn your failures into lessons and growth opportunities

The Fresh Thinking Group partner said that no entrepreneur gets into business with the expectation that they will fail. However, the reality of the situation is that more entrepreneurs do fail compared to those that succeed. Therefore, it’s wise for any budding business leader to have a contingency plan if things don’t work out as expected. Scott Dylan pointed out that this plan should not involve quitting, instead of taking their failures and learning from them to be better business leaders. The Fresh Thinking Group founder added that failures could sharpen an entrepreneur’s ability to handle challenges in their future business endeavors.