Dr. Jeffrey H. Harris, a former chief economist at SEC and currently working at the School of Business in the American university, said that Online Trading Academy (OTA) shares his passion and that of American University to extend financial education.

“OTA course principles and education have a basis on sound economic theories. They compare well with undergraduate and graduate-level courses. OTA curriculum and delivery methods provide learning opportunities to students intending to trade for their accounts. At the end of studying the OTA materials, students gain confidence to trade and invest. Some education is informational, theoretical, and not experiential. Practical application with guided practice propels students’ progress through the complexities of investing and trading. Students through OTA trading platform, CliK develop confidence through repetition using progressive technology and techniques,” says Dr. Harris.

Technology-based training

Dr. Harris expresses his “passion in the way that Online Trading Academy utilizes financial technology to enhance learning together with risk management. I have not seen anything like CliK in technology territory. CliK is a technology focusing on a trader’s trade plan by applying OTA rules and steps to instill risk management. Both are crucial for learning trade and investment. Unlike many other online trading platforms, CliK automates formerly manual steps in the OTA core strategy methodology. The steps include scoring trade opportunities and calculating ratios of reward to risk. Automation allows users to focus better on economics, logic together with risk management of the prospective trades.”

Risk Management

He adds that “CliK reinforces reward to risk ratios considerations that are part of securities trading by monitoring the personal profile of each trader. It compares prospective trades with self-determined risk parameters to flag trades that risk too much money. The flagging warns traders about contravening their risk parameters management. This automated feature is essential in enforcing trader discipline given the OTA emphasis on risk management.”

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