Eterneva is a cremation company that started about five years ago. It does its marketing directly to customers. It has invested in the death and care industry. Currently, the company is focusing on expansion and collaborating with funeral homes to expand its scope. The company offers more than a product; it offers a service in the grief journey.

Its customers get a welcome kit in the mail, some ashes for cremated persons, and fur for cremated pets. The company recently made a partnership that will enable it to offer better mailing services of the remains. The firm channels the remains to its headquarters for carbon extraction. The lab process is similar to others, including colorizing the diamond and making it into a ring, necklace, or other jewelry.

The process takes between seven and nine months. In this period, its employees provide videos and photo updates for the families. When the diamond is finished, they organize a homecoming celebration, thus, memorizing the deceased.

The coronavirus pandemic has had a toil on the grief industry by reducing the revenues because of the reduction of in-person funerals. Eterneva has collaborated with several funeral homes to allow directors to help incorporate the diamond service in funerals and burials. That has helped in educating more people on other ways of celebrating their loved ones. The company says that the most undoing thing in the pandemic is that there are minimal rituals that are very important in the grieving process.

The company’s grieving process is from the initial stages of grief to learning to live with it. The company will be looking for funding and institutional investments. The funding will help in building investments and production capabilities in the company.

The company assures that various independent scientists have verified its process of making the diamond. Cremating diamonds, it says, help cope with the complex process that is almost taboo in society. The company, through these diamonds, gives families something to hold on to during this challenging period of the pandemic. Learn more: