What Is Dfinity?

DFINITY USADfinity USA is a non-profit created in 2015 that is poised to re-shape the internet as we know it. Founded by Dominic Williams in Palo Alto, California, Dfinity now has research centers in three locations (two in California and one in Switzerland) and employs close to 200 cryptographers, engineers, and scientists.

Inspired by the blockchain technology of Ethereum, Dfinity has set out to launch its own blockchain-based network called the “Internet Computer” that it hopes will return openness and decentralization to internet software and services.

What Is the Internet Computer?

The Internet Computer is essentially Dfinity’s version of cloud computing. However, it uses an advanced, next-generation blockchain computing system. It is meant to be secure, decentralized, non-proprietary, cheap to store data on, and infinitely expandable, functioning like a “public cloud.” Dfinity is testing its ability to run alternatives to mega-applications like LinkedIn, Facebook, Uber, and more. The system uses a minimum of four independent data centers worldwide, but there is no upper limit to the number of data centers it could have.

What Is Dfinity’s Mission?

There are several components to Dfinity’s overall mission and vision for the Internet Computer. They include:

  • Challenging the current cloud computing market
  • Moving internet reliance away from centralized server farms
  • Provide an open-access internet that the public will embrace while abandoning traditional IT
  • Create a place where developers and businesspeople can run their applications without the need for big-business intermediaries
  • Return the internet to a more free and open state outside the grasp of the companies that currently monopolize it

What Are Dfinity’s Plans Moving Forward?

DFINITY USADfinity USA is not just forward-thinking, but they are also forward-planning. The organization has already created its own programming language called Motoko and a 20-year roadmap laying out the path to reach its ambitious goals.

Initially, it seems, much of Dfinity’s efforts are devoted to creating and running decentralized versions of major websites, apps, services, exchanges, and social networks. Further milestones will involve expanding the network of independent data centers and fully testing multiple core systems, with the ultimate goal of an eventual public launch of the Internet Computer.