Dave AtrobusFresh Thinking Group keeps thriving and growing to global heights under the management of Dave Antrobus as its co-founder and tech director. Dave Antrobus launched the Fresh Thinking Group company primarily to support firm growth, especially startups, struggling, and the developed firms. Dave has helped these firms increase productivity and grow to become multi-billion firms. Several company owners confirm to be nurtured and mentored by the Founder of Fresh Thinking Group, Mr. Dave Antrobus. He has helped them come up with business strategies that are essential before starting any business.

Dave has risen to prosperity as a tech director and software developer. The skills and knowledge he harbors as a software developer helped him establish FTG and lead it to success. Another contributor to the growth of Dave is his ability to handle issues well and the solid rapport he has with his workmates. Besides Dave being an entrepreneur and businessman, several people also seek business advice from him. He has thrived as a business consultant helping new developers learn what it takes to develop highly marketable systems that meet the demands and expectations of their customers.

Several tech experts have always sought professional advice from Dave Antrobus because of his wide range of technical knowledge and skills. He also gives young, upcoming, and existing developers the secrets behind being successful in this field. His primary focus as a software developer is on E-commerce and software development. Dave Antrobus makes solutions and systems that streamline company operations, increasing productivity and eliminating any adaptable complications with the scrum certification.

The Founder of Fresh Thinking Group has worked closely with several top firms contributing to his growth, firms include Google, Matalan, and Simplybe, to name a few. He is also an investor, with his area of focus being on technological companies. He has helped in the restructuring of these companies.