Caribou Caribou is a UK-based taxi company, they have recently undergone many development changes, including introducing their own app. The technology that they have implemented has helped them surpass its competitors. Their innovative ideas and tech on the app make them stand out in the market and helps to differentiate themselves from others, as well as be user-friendly and easy to navigate.

The app has the ability to track where cabs are in real-time, which is great for customers. It also allows a customer to pay with cash or card directly through the app. A few other features that their technology includes are seeing the range of each car on a map and even ordering the nearest car to your location. The app also includes having the ability to leave a review about your experience, which makes them stand out from other taxi companies because they are trying to become known as a customer service-focused company and have implemented every way possible for their customers to show that. Personalized greetings and reminders are also available through the app, which many companies are missing out on. Another great thing about the app is how it shows the user where they are at in terms of each rider’s journey and route mapping to their destination. Some other company apps don’t provide this high level of detail and tracking ability, making Caribou stand out again.

Caribou is a fast-growing company making great strides in the taxi app market, and their dedicated workers make it seem easy to use. It displays information about each driver, creating trust with customers as they know who they are riding with and what to expect from them. Caribou also provides features such as a maps-based display to see where the taxi is and exactly how far away it is from you; this helps customers know how long their wait will be. Caribou has grown exponentially over the last few years with many other features that will benefit its users in the future.


Caribou’s new app may only be available in the UK, but it is still beneficial to Android or Apple devices. It provides their clients with easy-to-use navigation that allows you to choose your car model, color, size (mini or standard), and payment method. The app shows customers exactly how far away their taxi driver is from their location, which allows you to plan accordingly or pick another carpool if your ride isn’t coming quickly enough. It provides the best customer service because of this feature and many others on the app.