ShakeologMany people set a goal of losing weight or toning their abdominal muscles. Some start, but life gets in the way. Carl Daikeler’s mission is to make exercise convenient for everyone. He knows that when exercise is convenient, people will be more likely to do it and make it a habit. Daikeler’s career got off to a big start. He produced the NFL’s halftime shows for different teams for five years. He also worked in the infomercial industry for nearly a decade. The infomercial industry showed him how to tell a story that resonates and how to connect with people through video.

In the late 1990s, Carl Daikeler noticed the growing rate of overweight and obesity in Americans. He informally asked people about it, and many mentioned that while they knew they needed to exercise, going to the gym was too costly, inconvenient and embarrassing. At the same time, people admitted to turning to fast food out of convenience. Daikeler knew he could make a big impact on both of these areas of wellness, so he and a co-founder started Beachbody in 1998.

At first, consumers could purchase one or all of the 12 Beachbody workout DVDs. People loved them, and they asked Daikeler to produce more. Daikeler had fun with it, and he also practiced what he preached. As the star of many of the workouts, he went on to produce them at a rapid rate of 20 to 30 videos each year. In 2015, Daikeler added Beachbody on Demand to his list of services. Subscribers could watch any of the more than 300 workouts. The collection included different types of yoga, high-intensity interval training, aerobic workouts and more.


Carl Daikeler didn’t forget that nutrition is also a key part of reaching an ideal body weight and maintaining it. The 2009 launch of Shakeology reflected his commitment to overall wellness. The convenient Shakeology protein powder quickly mixes into any milk. It creates a satisfying and nutritious shake that makes a person feel full for many hours. When used together, Shakeology shakes and Beachbody workouts facilitate rapid and sustained weight loss.