BeachbodyMany people have issues with self-esteem, and Carl Daikeler is a gentleman on a mission to change that fact. In the early days of his career, he was a producer. His production services focused on the National Football League. The halftime shows he created were a universal hit. He took that power to the infomercial industry in 1990. For eight years, he created engaging infomercials that inspired people to take a desired action.

In 1998, Carl Daikeler decided to make a change in his life path. He had always been interested in fitness for himself. After producing infomercials for health and fitness products, he knew that he could make a big impact on a lot of people by bringing an idea he had to fruition. He launched Beachbody, which was the culmination of his research and passion for fitness.

At its beginning, Beachbody was a set of 12 DVDs. A person could get one or all of them. Each disc had a workout, and most of the workouts featured Daikeler as one of the people exercising. The workout videos solved the issues of shame, cost and travel difficulties with getting to the gym. People could use the discs at home to exercise whenever they had some time. This appealed to people who weren’t ready to exercise in public yet.

Users of the discs liked the workouts so much that they asked Daikeler to create more. He responded positively and soon created up to two new workouts every month. He also set up a streaming service in order to compete with other services that offered on-demand videos. He called it Beachbody on Demand, and it started in 2015. A few years later, the corresponding app, OpenFit, was added to the family of fitness solutions.


Carl Daikeler didn’t forget that nutrition is the other half of the weight loss picture. His 2009 launch of Shakeology is a testament to his recognition of the importance of nutrition. Shakeology is a rich protein powder filled with fiber. It replaces fatty, sugary and nutritionally bereft meals. The fiber and protein facilitate weight loss through craving reduction.