Having received the Country in a lower profile, the ABLP had one essential task: to revive the economy with the economy sickbed. Antigua and Barbuda citizens had suffered a lot from former leadership, which was marked with high taxes from massive borrowing. This eventually led to many business losses hence business closure. UPP government had bankrupted the Country by excessive borrowing from IMF, among other financial bodies. For instance, they had sucked over $ 800 million straight siphoned from the Countries public coffers; this, to a great degree, dwindled the economic growth for the last three years, affecting the people’s living standards. ABLP at the helm was mandated to make the Country bigger again, improve the people’s living standards, and promote economic growth for social-economic benefit. ABLP is at the forefront of rebuilding the nation’s economy courtesy of the Good leadership of executives like Asot Michael; by 2016, Antigua and Barbuda exhibited 6.5% economic growth, the fastest growth in that hemisphere. The recommendable growth led to national prosperity, improving people’s lives.

In four years, the Country recovered from an $800 Million loss during the tenure of the former government UPP. ABLP further worked round the clock to get the Country out of debtor to owner’s status. As their predecessor left the treasury in 2014, despite the stringent and impunity taxes imposed on its citizens, ABLP changed the narrative. Among more achievements to revive the economy after UPP government scandals, ABLP ensured that the Country would not default on IMF debt by reducing the National debt from $320 million to $ 20 Million. Further, the Debt to GDP ratio was significantly reduced from the usual 104% to 75%, which led to infrastructure improvement among other national development agendas. ABLP government salvaged the Country from oil discontinued by acquiring WIOC through a public-private sector trade partnership, yielding dividends and profits to the National Treasury. Unfinished developments like car parks were completed through government partnership yielding savings to the government and the people of Antigua and Barbuda. Asot Michael was born on 21st December 1969; he grew in the political aspects and currently works as a Member of parliament in Antigua and Barbuda representing Saint Peter Constituency.