Asot Anthony Michael is one of the seasoned politicians from Antigua & Barbuda country born in December of 1969 from a politically wealthy family. The honorable politician Asot Michael was born and raised in Guadeloupe, French West indies, and attended all his early schooling in Antigua before proceeding to the United States for University education. Asot Michael was slightly unlucky as the man he got named after passed on a year before being born (Pinterest). 


His grandfather, whom Asot admits he would have wished to meet and spend some time with, passed on due to a heart attack after a property he owned got torched by rioters who were protesting government policies in 1968. Asot Michaelis not the only member of the more prominent Michael family involved in politics. He vividly recalls his late father Patrick Michael, one of the pioneer founders of one of the long-serving political parties in Antigua and Barbuda. The Antigua & Barbuda Labor Party, ABLP, was established through the assistance of Patrick Michael. He donated his time, resources, and business to see the party thrive and survive, and so it did. Patrick was succeeded by three of his sons in public service, including Asot, Maurice, and Mitchel. The three are well-known around Antigua & Barbuda for their meaningful contribution to transforming its people’s social-political and economic. 

They have served in various government positions where their impacts get felt up to date, decades after they left public service. Asot Michael is one of the learned politicians in Antigua & Barbuda, and his scholarly prowess didn’t just start the other day, but it’s a position he has maintained since his days in high school. He enrolled at St Joseph in 1982 and sat for his GCE O Level Cambridge certificate at St John Antigua, where he graduated top of his class in all the six subjects he sat for. Asot later proceeded to one of the prestigious universities globally, the Barry University, where he enrolled for a degree in Business Administration. As fate would have it, Asot Michaelgraduated top of his class with a double major in finance and Economics. He was listed in the prestigious Dean’s list twice, and the presidents list once while pursuing his undergraduate. Asot also holds an MBA from the University of Miami.