SeaWorld San Diego has its’ Electric Ocean again this year. The electrifying event started on June 11th and runs through September 6th. SeaWorld San Diego is transformed into beautiful electrifying color and filled with magnetically charged dance music. They have daytime and evening entertainment. The Electric Ocean event will be included with park admission.

The entertainment includes storytelling, dance music DJs, a Cirque show, a Sesame Street show, and fireworks at night. The storytelling is done by Stephen Fishwick. He tells his stories with paintings and exciting music. Cirque is a French circus that has acrobats instead of living animals. The performance is done to world music and includes dance stage performance as well. The Cirque show is called Neon World. The dance music DJs play music up until the fireworks. The dance party is for all ages and it is called Club Sea Glow. The Sesame Street show features all the beloved Sesame Street characters. They will teach about friendship. The fireworks will end each event and they can be seen all over the theme park.

Not only do the DJs play the dance music at this Electric Ocean event, but they also will have two live bands play. One is a rock music show which will play rock, R&B, Latin, and pop music. The other band will be play jazz, techno-pop, and rock music.

For the 21 and older crowd, they will have a Glow Bar that will entice you with fruity cocktails, and other alcohol-infused drinks. Some other electrifying things to see during this event are Jellyfish Canopy, the Lazer Ref Light Show, a time travel light tunnel, Sea creatures swimming all around the theme park, and Anemone Avenue which is a colorful walkway that leads to the Club Glow dance party.

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