Academy of Art University is worlds ahead of the competition to educate students for real-world, professional positions. With courses created by practitioner professors to prepare students for what lies ahead in their professions, graduates leave with the skills necessary to succeed in any field.

This University revealed an intriguing improvement to one of its most vibrant and technologically advanced departments as the Spring 2022 semester began. The School of Web Design & New Media has been renamed the School of Interaction & UI/UX Design.

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At the University, one can learn how to design modern interaction, user experience, and user interfaces; This will help you get a job in various fields, including the tech industry, one of the most exciting, diverse, and expansive in the world.

They teach an integrated approach founded on four pillars: design thinking, user experience, visual communication, and technology. If one is eager to shape their future, their unmatched training environment in the heart of the IT industry is the place for you. Their students and alumni are constructing the future.

Graduates of the Academy’s interaction design program are strategic thinkers, producers, and technologists who are well-positioned to drive interface and experience design innovation.

Infrastructure & Technology

The newest software and equipment are critical in preparing you for the job, so we stay current on technological changes and industry practices. You will find whatever the professionals are doing and utilizing it in our classrooms and design studios.

As one of the country’s leading art and design institutions, Academy of Art University Interaction and UI/UX Design alumni have various career options. Their interaction design school facilities, staff, and hands-on approach are geared to provide students with the skills necessary to excel as working professionals in the area.

Academy of Art University has a long history of teaching artists, designers, and other people who make things in the real world. Dozens of accredited degree programs are available for students to choose their best choice. Professional teachers teach all students. Academy curriculum is a practical learning experience that teaches students how to do things in a real-world way and gives them the freedom to be creative.