The “Call of Duty” franchise has become one of the best-known in the video gaming industry. Activision CEO, Bobby Kotick, is becoming a legend in the military veteran community. Kotick formed the Call of Duty Endowment to help military veterans find meaningful employment. The veteran community finds it difficult to source meaningful employment. Veterans find meaningful employment at a rate three times lower than non-veterans.

The Activision CEO is looking to help veterans find their way through the job-hunting minefield. After leaving the military, veterans fall into low-paying jobs at a high rate. The Call of Duty Endowment helps military veterans find high-paying jobs. Meaningful employment provides a sense of fulfillment. Bobby Kotick believes the Endowment is bringing military veterans to important positions. Finding meaningful employment eases the transition from the military to communities.

Bobby Kotick’s career in software development began in college using his roommate’s computer. The University of Michigan alum is building a brighter future for veterans through the Endowment. Kotick has appointed former military officers to the Call of Duty Endowment Board. Military veterans add their understanding of the problems facing veterans to the Endowment’s work.

Diversity can be a problem for veterans looking for meaningful work in their home communities. The Endowment has helped 19 percent of female veterans find work. Female veterans make up 10 percent of the entire community. Black veterans also find employment at high levels. 20 percent of veterans finding work through the Endowment are black. Outside the endowment, black veterans make up 12 percent of the community.

Activision CEO, Bobby Kotick believes the work of the Endowment can continue to grow. The Endowment has grown out of the U.S. into Europe. The veteran community in the U.K. has been using the Call of Duty Endowment to find meaningful employment since 2017. Taking the Endowment to the U.K. highlights the commitment of the Activision CEO.

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