Terranova’s Rise to Success

Terranova’s founder, Stephen Bittel, started the company in his home office while attending law school. While he did complete his degree and pass the bar exam, his heart was in Terranova — so much so that he eventually gave up practicing law entirely to focus on real estate investments. As a result, Terranova is making moves in Miami. After launching one of its most popular locations at Lincoln Road, they are working on expanding their retail portfolio with the opening of Miracle Mile Coral Gables. The Austin apartment building is also receiving a facelift, and the company is scouting more distressed assets to transform into profitable businesses.

Stephen Bittell learned early on that there’s no substitute for quality work. Starting Terranova to provide the very best private equity investment firm allowed him to grow his company quickly. But Bittell is never content with his current achievements and works tirelessly to make sure that each investment he obtains is better than its predecessor.

About Stephen Bittel

Stephen Bittel didn’t grow up with a silver spoon in his mouth, and he has a long family history of lawyers. But from an early age, it was clear that Stephen was determined to build his own wealth. As a law student at the University of Miami, Stephen Bittel realized that his passion was not in the courtroom but in the boardroom. After graduating with a law degree, he went to work for a commercial real estate firm. In his free time, Bittel continued to develop his business idea for Terranova. He never expected to become a commercial real estate mogul, but he made the best of it. Ultimately, he would go on to work in commercial real estate for over 40 years, building hundreds of buildings with hundreds of thousands of square feet of rentable space.

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