Initially established in 2014, SextPanther provides users with a way to conduct sex chats with content creators on their site. The platform give content creators the opportunity to provide content and socialize with clients. They are able to earn revenue from the content they produce and for socializing with clients on the site. The concept behind SextPanther is drastically different than other adult chat sites within the same niche, in the sense that on other platforms, users are not able to directly connect with their audience and most chat sites do that give models an opportunity to earn income from creating content.


The company primarily focuses on sex chatting. Users are able to partake in sexual conversations via sexts(sexual text messages). The company proclaims that as a result of the pandemic and various lockdowns, they experienced an abundance of growth based on the fact that many people now prefer texting as the ideal method of connecting with other individuals on an intimate level.


Users are able to create an account from within the app. Upon registering their email and providing basic info, they then have to choose what membership level they’d like to use. After that’s been completed, users can use credits from their membership level to connect with models on the site.

Content Creators

Models are able to earn revenue from the connections they’ve established on the site. Payment is sent on a bi-weekly basis. One of the things that make SextPanther different is that content creators have the ability to directly sext users who have premium memberships on the site regardless if said user is connected to them directly. This feature gives them a higher income earning potential because it allows them to access users who are more likely to spend cash.

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