Ross LevinsohnRoss Levinsohn is a trusted media and technology executive who has taken many adventures throughout his long career. He began his career with an entrepreneurial effort. The production business he co-founded with a fellow graduate from American University was a success. After several years, they closed it and moved on to other options. For Levinsohn, that was a few years at HBO in promotions. He followed that with several years of additional production work at SportsLine, a division of CBS.

In 1999, the wild growth of the internet reached a climax of sorts, with dozens of companies launching web browsers and search portals. Alta Vista was one of them. Levinsohn joined the firm and spent two years working on its planned portal project. He moved on to Fox Interactive Sports Media, where he was eventually promoted to CEO. He served in that role for two years.

Entrepreneurship was always a passion of Ross Levinsohn, even when working for others. He and James Heckman founded 5to1 in 2006. Their digital ad agency grew at a rapid rate. Yahoo noticed and purchased it in 2010. Heckman went on to found Maven, and Levinsohn joined Yahoo. In 2012, Ross Levinsohn served as Yahoo’s interim CEO.

After departing Yahoo, Levinsohn filled executive jobs in a multitude of organizations. Some of them were the Los Angeles Times and Tribune Company. He also founded Whisper Advisers and Scout Productions, which served as consulting businesses. Levinsohn also took the time to volunteer on the board of his alma mater.

In 2019, Heckman contacted Levinsohn with a job offer. Maven bought Sports Illustrated, which was in need of a new executive. Levinsohn graciously accepted the offer, and he got to work building the brand’s visibility and expanding its reach to a bigger and more diversified audience.

Heckman announced retirement plans in the middle of 2020. His natural choice of a successor was Ross Levinsohn. He assumed the role in August 2020. Maven has excelled under Levinsohn’s leadership. Under Levinsohn’s direction, Maven has acquired additional investors and business partners that will boost its name recognition and power in communications.