Online Trading Academy has established itself as one of the top organizations in the financial sector. Recently, the organization has won two Bronze awards including Best Achievement in Product Innovation and Best Fintech Solution. Earlier in 2021, Online Trading Academy won the Stevie Awards in recognition for its education, analysis and trading platform Clik.

Each year the International Business Awards recognizes many organizations for their contributions in business and finance. It recognizes organizations all over the world that make a positive impact on businesses and professionals in a variety of sectors. The International Business Awards provides recognition to many different organizations in the private sector, the public sector, private for profit, non profit organizations and large and small businesses.

This past year, there were organizations in 63 countries that entered the contest to win the Stevie Awards. There were over 3,000 nominations from organizations in many different industries. When awarding the Stevie Awards focuses on compiling an average score of executives who participated in the awards event.

When evaluating Online Trading Academy, the International Business Awards made a few statements about the organization. It said that there were great features incorporated with Online Trading Academy’s platform. The academy provides a high quality education for kinds of people. The International Business Awards also said that Online Trading Academy offers a great resource to learn about online trading. The academy is also known to make the lives of investors very easy as it allows investors to make more informed decisions when evaluating the financial markets. With all of these characteristics, Online Trading Academy was able to stand out and win this prestigious award.

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