Kim Anami’s famous online e-course, How to Be a Well-F**ked Woman, often known as the salon, is now accepting enrollment. Anami is the creator of the Holistic Sex and Relationship Coaching field and the leader of a global movement of women seeking to retake control over their sexuality.

Women in committed relationships and those who are not can benefit from the salon’s workshops on accessing the pleasure and power of their sexual energy by overcoming common obstacles.

Ladies will learn how to use their sexuality in this new edition. The eight-week salon will teach its participants everything they need to know about female sexuality comprehensively and intensively.

The most important lesson is how to let go and surrender. Another point is that the feminine is a powerful and usable force. Participants will be better prepared for the course after learning to overcome the common hurdles restricting women from experiencing their full sexual power and pleasure. This course will examine the metaphysical and transformative implications of sexual acts, such as self-pleasing, renegade healing, and Taoist rites.

Registrants will receive previously recorded high-definition films in addition to the course materials. Following that, they will participate in live, interactive question-and-answer sessions. Members will also gain access to unique content.

Homeplay tasks are offered to participants to practice their newly gained sexual abilities. How to Be a Well-F**ked Woman, according to Anami, is the sex and how to live in a female body training you’ve never had but didn’t need. Put another way, “It’s the education you didn’t know you needed until you got it.”

The salon is specifically for a woman from anywhere in the world who wants to improve her sexual intelligence and learn how to control her libido can make an appointment there. On July 7th, women in the world will be able to visit the Anami website’s members-only area, where online instruction will commence.