Juan Monteverde’s Path To Success

Are you considering a career in law? Are you wondering how you go from considering a law career to having a successful law practice? One way to understand the journey that lies ahead is to study the path of a successful practicing attorney. One such attorney is Juan Monteverde.

Being A Lawyer Was Not The First Choice

Juan Monteverde had an interest in finance. He received his undergrad degree in finance from California State University. However, while attending school, Monteverde took a part-time job at a law firm to help pay for his expenses. He found the work there very interesting. Participating in a two-week trial open Monteverde’s eyes to how lawyers can help people.

More School

One of the most defining periods in a young lawyer’s career happens before they leave law school. For many potential lawyers, this is the first time when they start to grasp the scope of what lawyers can do and how they will fit into the big picture. While at law school, young lawyers begin to define themselves through their work ethic, activities and the type of work they do outside of school. Monteverde graduated close to the top of his class and received a lot of praise from his professors. During his time at school, he worked as an associate for a law firm. While working, he gained knowledge in commercial disputes and government investigations.

Work And His Own Firm

After school, many attorneys go to work for a law firm to gain expertise and learn what field of law interests them most. Monteverde decided that he wanted to work in securities. He wants to help victims who experienced customer and securities fraud. All of this hard work led Monteverde to start his own firm.

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