John Ritenour has been in the insurance industry for more than forty years. He began his career as an assistant underwriter with the Florida Agency for Insurance Regulation. He then went to work for Sheppard, Mullins & Hamlin, which became Standard, Poor & Goodwin’s. In the mid-1980s, John became the manager of the underwriting department at Knauss, Bailey, Bragg & McBane.

A Safe Choice for Personal and Business Insurance In 1988, John and Valli Ritenour launched IOA Insurance Company, and for the next several years, IOA insured businesses and families. What does the Insurance Office of America offer? Besides offering a full spectrum of insurance products from personal to commercial, the IAO philanthropy also has a reputation for providing customer service beyond reputations.

This customer service support is enabled by the IAO’s website and phone system, which provides 24-hour coverage. Additionally, IAO’s online registration process, which allows agents to register a customer’s policy online, facilitates the ease of online access to customer information, which eliminates paper and faxes.

Finally, as a certified financial planner, John Ritenour offers a range of financial planning services for both business and personal needs. IOA philanthropy can customize and create customized policies, tailor service to clients’ needs and cater to an evolving industry. In 1994, the Insurance Office of America was the first to introduce business insurance to Texas. Clients can also access online video capabilities to get more answers from their insurance agent.

Most recently, IOA was ranked #60 among the country’s top insurance companies. So what sets IOA philanthropy apart from other agencies? First, the breadth of insurance products it provides is impressive. At the Insurance Office of America, they’re customer-focused to ensure that you get the best service possible. Customer service representatives (CSRs) are knowledgeable and eager to assist you.

The company is a full-service agency, offering several ways for business owners to choose the right insurance for their businesses. They started with just four products, but now they offer almost 90 different products, said, John Ritenour. With such a wide range of products, they can provide clients with maximum insurance options.

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