James Gutierrez acknowledges the Seizing Every Opportunity (SEO) Global Career Program that helped him with a chance to grow way above his youth scrambles in Los Angeles to the point of becoming a renowned entrepreneur at Silicon Valley in California. Its mentorship and education provision know SEO to youths and other students in high school. It also offers services like peer pressure services which are favorable within the city. As part of giving back to the community and providing assistance to entrepreneurs to gain and become successful, James Gutierrez has become a successful and active participant in the community at SEO global. James Gutierrez currently heads the organization’s advisory board in San Francisco. The program also has some additional impactful tasks which greatly define it and portrays its potential. Corporate awards in the leadership domain are one of the critical tasks of the organization. Dinner annual awards are also a fundamental role played by the organization.

The Corporate Leadership Award is offered to entrepreneurs who show dedication, hard work, commitment, and steadfast dedication to the corporate world and not forget the community. This year’s winner is Kenneth Lin, an immigrant of Chinese origin who has struggled in his youth simply because he grew up from a poor background. He is the current CEO and also the founder of Credit Karma. He resembles James Gutierrez, who also thrived in harsh growing conditions to become an alarming entrepreneur in terms of growth. He faced tough times of his youth in Las Vegas, an environment that wasn’t meant for those who were not in the category of white. He points out that he encountered few role models to emulate in his youth; Lin indeed took this task to be a role model for them. Professional trajectory together with commitment and dedication is the key to becoming a successful entrepreneur

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