Richard Mishaan, the Interior Designer

Richard Mishaan is an experienced interior designer and architect. Born and raised up in Colombia, he is committed to offering quality and luxury to all his clients. Richard Mishaan attended the University of New York where he managed to get his BA. He also graduated from the Colombia University School of Architecture. Richard started his career as an apprentice working at the offices of Philip Johnson. He describes himself as an expansive person who is hard working and passionate about fashion and architecture in general. He has earned a reputation as a reliable and efficient interior designer in the whole of New York.

An established author, Richard Mishaan has written two books. The first is known as Modern Luxury and the second Artfully Modern. The two books have been published by a division of Random House, Mona celli Press. The founder of Richard Mishaan Design, Richard has combined his cultural roots and the experience as an architect to design the interior of many high-end apartments in New York. He mostly works with private hotels and residences. In 2010, Richard Mishaan Design was involved in the refurbishing of the suites on St. Regis. According to him, you do not have to break a bank in order to have a tastefully done interior.

Richard Mishaan Design is focused on creating innovative ideas on designing and showing people how designing can affect their lives. His own apartment is art-stuffed and is described as one of the most beautiful apartments in Central park, Carnegie Hill. Richard Mishaan Design has worked together with some of the biggest sculpture artists including Niki de Saint Phalle and Donald Baechler. Richard Mishaan Design is also the interior designer behind Shelborne Wyndham Grand South Beach. Richard believes that disparate objects can be used in interior designing and coexist beautifully. He also a strong believer that color is important in bringing life and fun to any space.