Eva Moskowitz is both the founder and executive of Success Academy Charter Schools. She also operates four charter schools located in Harlem. Since the founding of Harlem Success Academy in 2006, she has additionally opened three charter schools and aims at opening more in the next ten years. Eva Moskowitz is an active advocate for education and chaired the council education committee in New York for six years. She annually visits more than 1000 schools in New York City to execute her knowledge. She is determined to reach children from low-income families and minority communities academically.

Eva Moskowitz holds a bachelor’s degree and a Ph.D. in American History from the University of Pennsylvania and John Hopkins respectively. Eva Moskowitz is formerly a member of the New York City Council. In 2016 her Charter raised 35 million dollars at a charity event. Her Success Academy has also been named the best charter school and complimented for establishing an efficient and well-designed education system. The Mayor Michael Bloomberg also applauded her school for having exemplary performance. She has a reputation for developing educational reforms for academically able students and help parents affected by school failure.

Eva Moskowitz recently launched an Institute for the Success Charter Network. Ed Institute is nationwide open source resource that could help teachers. The primary objective of the Ed Institute is to create global awareness of the Charter’s trade techniques. Eva has posted videos on the preview of the web based materials the network uses. These materials include basic reading, aesthetics, math problems and financial operations. She additionally advocated for meeting parents demands and quality options for children. She is a supporter of the development of charter schools and committed to helping educators expand their teaching expertise. Additionally, she plans on finding solutions to the education crisis facing the country.