The importance of cyber security – what I learned when I was hacked

Keeping your data safe is a problem that we all need to worry about. No matter how safe you think you might be, and no matter what security precautions you may be taking, there’s probably a malicious user out there that knows enough to make your defenses completely useless. Last May, I was hacked and all the data on my website was made available for the public to see. In response, I did some reading on Cyber security. Now I think I know a little more about what it really means to have safe data. This is what I would like to share with you now.


The first thing I learned after I was hacked was that cyber attacks are becoming more and more prevalent throughout the world. In fact, there was one particular, yet unrelated cyber attack that happened in May, called “wanna cry,” that reached over 300,000 devices all across the globe. This particular case was eye opening to many tech institutions; they became aware that data privacy is a real concern that can’t simply be forgotten about. Furthermore, as our businesses become more and more digitized, cyber attacks can only become more prevalent, as well as more severe in their damages. To combat this, online businesses and private users have been looking to information security firms to strengthen this massive weakness. The technical skills required to keep our data safe and secure are becoming harder for the average individual to gain due to the rapidly increasing pool of knowledge contained within the field.

One particular firm that I read about after I was hacked was Rubica. Rubica is an information security firm that specializes in keeping your data safe. This means that work is offloaded from you and your business, and efficiently taken care of by their team of experts that are highly educated in all forms of cyber-defense. One thing that sets Rubica apart from the competition is their use of machine learning algorithms that help their team identify and address weaknesses in your network, as well as build up defenses against possible exploits that haven’t yet been proven to be an issue. If you’re a worried user that wants to make sure you’re keeping your information safe from malicious intent, my best advice is to invest in a security firm as soon as possible.