Paul Mampilly Boasts An Impressive Record Of Delivering Practical Investment Strategies To His Clients

Paul Mampilly is a talented investment guru with the ability to execute new and unique ideas. He is also the talented author behind the creative For Profits Unlimited, which is published by Banyan Hill Publishing. With 60,000 subscribers, Profits Unlimited is debatably one of the most trusted and fastest rising newsletters in the lucrative trading sector.

Mampilly, who is a reputable hedge fund manager, has been in the financial services industry for two decades. He had a privilege of serving as a senior staff for globally recognized firms like Kinetics International, INC, and Deutsche Bank. Mampilly leveraged his extensive expertise to unveil a respected consulting firm called Capuchin Consulting.

Mampilly’s stellar record

Back in 2009, Paul Mampilly outsmarted other competitors to emerge victorious in a Templeton Foundation-organized investment competition. He started with an investment of $50 million and grew it into $88 million during a period of economic downturn without shorting stocks. This growth represented a 76 percent gain.

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The launch of Profits Unlimited and its purpose

In 2016, Mampilly reached an agreement with Banyan Hill Publishing that saw him create Profits Unlimited, a widely sought after newsletter that helps Main Street Americans to identify and invest in lucrative investment opportunities. In line with his commitment of guiding American Investors, Mampilly sends an eight-page newsletter comprising of a well-performing stock to his subscribers. Each week, he has one or two stocks to share with the American Investors. Mampilly uses his website to monitor the performance of the investment.

What makes Mampilly’s strategies practical?

One of Mampilly’s client had a demonstration account worth $5000 early 2016, which has earned gains of over 180 percent. Some of the big winners include over 700 percent in Coeur and more than 100 percent gain in both the Gold Mining Vectors and Nvidia.

Between late 2011 and late 2012, through The Palm Beach Letter, Mampilly proposed 29 stocks. By December 31, 2013, 28 out of the 29 recommended stocks had attained an average of 53 percent gain. Mampilly was the head of the Kinetics International between 2009 and 2010 when it grew by 67 percent and 20 percent, outshining the MSCI EAFE in both years.

The importance of cyber security – what I learned when I was hacked

Keeping your data safe is a problem that we all need to worry about. No matter how safe you think you might be, and no matter what security precautions you may be taking, there’s probably a malicious user out there that knows enough to make your defenses completely useless. Last May, I was hacked and all the data on my website was made available for the public to see. In response, I did some reading on Cyber security. Now I think I know a little more about what it really means to have safe data. This is what I would like to share with you now.


The first thing I learned after I was hacked was that cyber attacks are becoming more and more prevalent throughout the world. In fact, there was one particular, yet unrelated cyber attack that happened in May, called “wanna cry,” that reached over 300,000 devices all across the globe. This particular case was eye opening to many tech institutions; they became aware that data privacy is a real concern that can’t simply be forgotten about. Furthermore, as our businesses become more and more digitized, cyber attacks can only become more prevalent, as well as more severe in their damages. To combat this, online businesses and private users have been looking to information security firms to strengthen this massive weakness. The technical skills required to keep our data safe and secure are becoming harder for the average individual to gain due to the rapidly increasing pool of knowledge contained within the field.

One particular firm that I read about after I was hacked was Rubica. Rubica is an information security firm that specializes in keeping your data safe. This means that work is offloaded from you and your business, and efficiently taken care of by their team of experts that are highly educated in all forms of cyber-defense. One thing that sets Rubica apart from the competition is their use of machine learning algorithms that help their team identify and address weaknesses in your network, as well as build up defenses against possible exploits that haven’t yet been proven to be an issue. If you’re a worried user that wants to make sure you’re keeping your information safe from malicious intent, my best advice is to invest in a security firm as soon as possible.


New York Lawyer Jeremy Goldstein and Lawyer Referral System Success

New Yorkers have a convenient way to find a lawyer from the comfort of their home. The New York State Bar Association Trusted Lawyer Referral and Information Service (LRIS) launched an online portal for individuals needing a lawyer. Open 24 hours, the LRIS matches individuals in their home with a trusted lawyer in good standing with great credentials who have been reviewed by the New York State Bar Association.


Once an individual accesses the online service, he or she fills out a questionnaire describing the legal issue and location The LRIS reviews the questionnaire and matches the individual with a local attorney in the same or a nearby community. The referrals are free of charge, but if the individual decides to talk to the lawyer, there is a $35 free for the first half hour of consultation. The consultation fee will be waived if the matter involves personal injury, social security, unemployment, military law, or worker’s compensation. Individuals are never under obligation to retain the lawyer, but if retained, fees will be established by lawyer.


Established for 35 years, the LRIS has handled over 10,000 phone calls. The new 24 hour phone service can be accessed at 1-800-342-3661 during regular business hours. The screened client referral system could match you with Jeremy Goldstein, partner at Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates, LLC.


Goldstein founded the private law firm in 2014. He concentrates his practice on executive pay and corporate governance issues and provides counsel to CEOs, management groups and compensation committees. Jeremy Goldstein is a top executive compensation lawyer in The Legal 500 and Chambers USA Guide to American’s Leading Lawyers for Business. He has been part of significant corporate transactions in mergers and acquisitions including South African Breweries, J. P. Morgan Chase and Co. and the AT&T Corporation.


Jeremy Goldstein earned his degree from NYU (New York University) in the School of Law. He is a member of the Professional Advisory Board for the NYU Journal of Law and Business. New Yorkers who use LRIS can be confident if they are matched with Jeremy Goldstein. He is a respected lawyer with experience and is a sought after speaker for conventions and conferences in New York.


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Richard Mishaan, the Interior Designer

Richard Mishaan is an experienced interior designer and architect. Born and raised up in Colombia, he is committed to offering quality and luxury to all his clients. Richard Mishaan attended the University of New York where he managed to get his BA. He also graduated from the Colombia University School of Architecture. Richard started his career as an apprentice working at the offices of Philip Johnson. He describes himself as an expansive person who is hard working and passionate about fashion and architecture in general. He has earned a reputation as a reliable and efficient interior designer in the whole of New York.

An established author, Richard Mishaan has written two books. The first is known as Modern Luxury and the second Artfully Modern. The two books have been published by a division of Random House, Mona celli Press. The founder of Richard Mishaan Design, Richard has combined his cultural roots and the experience as an architect to design the interior of many high-end apartments in New York. He mostly works with private hotels and residences. In 2010, Richard Mishaan Design was involved in the refurbishing of the suites on St. Regis. According to him, you do not have to break a bank in order to have a tastefully done interior.

Richard Mishaan Design is focused on creating innovative ideas on designing and showing people how designing can affect their lives. His own apartment is art-stuffed and is described as one of the most beautiful apartments in Central park, Carnegie Hill. Richard Mishaan Design has worked together with some of the biggest sculpture artists including Niki de Saint Phalle and Donald Baechler. Richard Mishaan Design is also the interior designer behind Shelborne Wyndham Grand South Beach. Richard believes that disparate objects can be used in interior designing and coexist beautifully. He also a strong believer that color is important in bringing life and fun to any space.



Eva Moskowitz is both the founder and executive of Success Academy Charter Schools. She also operates four charter schools located in Harlem. Since the founding of Harlem Success Academy in 2006, she has additionally opened three charter schools and aims at opening more in the next ten years. Eva Moskowitz is an active advocate for education and chaired the council education committee in New York for six years. She annually visits more than 1000 schools in New York City to execute her knowledge. She is determined to reach children from low-income families and minority communities academically.

Eva Moskowitz holds a bachelor’s degree and a Ph.D. in American History from the University of Pennsylvania and John Hopkins respectively. Eva Moskowitz is formerly a member of the New York City Council. In 2016 her Charter raised 35 million dollars at a charity event. Her Success Academy has also been named the best charter school and complimented for establishing an efficient and well-designed education system. The Mayor Michael Bloomberg also applauded her school for having exemplary performance. She has a reputation for developing educational reforms for academically able students and help parents affected by school failure.

Eva Moskowitz recently launched an Institute for the Success Charter Network. Ed Institute is nationwide open source resource that could help teachers. The primary objective of the Ed Institute is to create global awareness of the Charter’s trade techniques. Eva has posted videos on the preview of the web based materials the network uses. These materials include basic reading, aesthetics, math problems and financial operations. She additionally advocated for meeting parents demands and quality options for children. She is a supporter of the development of charter schools and committed to helping educators expand their teaching expertise. Additionally, she plans on finding solutions to the education crisis facing the country.

Could Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Really Catch Amazon?

In order to catch Amazon in the retail clothing niche, you need to be generating sales in the millions year to year. Amazon takes in 20 percent of all the sales in the apparel market, leaving all the hundreds of others to fight for whatever scraps are left. Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is not only making millions in sales of high-quality workout apparel for women, they hit $250 million in sales in only a few short years. That is enough to not only grab the attention of Amazon but to put all the others in this space that this company means serious business.

Hudson says that her athleisure brand has been a huge success with customers for a number of reasons. The workout apparel for women is high-quality, the customer membership plan has huge perks, and the reverse showrooming process is appealing to buyers. Visit the Fabletics stores in the mall and you find women of various ages shopping for the newest releases in yoga pants and tank tops, trying on all the merchandise, and even taking the Fabletics Lifestyle Quiz for membership perks. With sales associates no pressuring the customers to make buys, many are left to wonder where all the sales are coming from.

The answer to where all the sales are coming from at Fabletics, we just need to see how the customers shop once they visit the e-commerce site. Part of the benefits of membership to this site is you are going to see all the apparel that you tried on in the mall moved to your online profile. Now since you wore the clothing and know what fits, you don’t have to buy a sample and wait to try it on, you visit the website and stuff the cart with all the latest releases of yoga pants, leggings, and tank tops. Since your focus is on buying, you simply spend more than you would if you were waiting to see if the clothing fit.

Kate Hudson’s Fabletics has found the winning formula for not only pampering its female clientele, but rewarding them every time they shop. Benefits include free shipping on all orders placed online, discounted prices on the workout apparel, and even the help of your very own personal shopping assistant. If Amazon has not been paying attention to Kate Hudson’s Fabletics in the past, they are going to notice them now as they continue to dominate in this unique and crowded space online.


David McDonald Of The OSI Group And Industries

He is commonly known as Dave among the people of OSI group and his friends. David is the president of the company and also the Chief Operating Officer. Before, he used to be the project manager.

He is the Director of OSI International Foods in Australia. He has a degree in Animal Science that got after attending Iowa State University.

According to him, leadership decisions are very crucial to the existence and stability of a company. That is why he aims to fit the OSI group into the society of the host countries and then become local in nature. The branches work hard to provide first by taking into account and implementing the government regulations, cultures, and employee abilities in the countries. David says that although they have grown as a global brand, OSI group strive hard to manage the company individually and locally. Sensitive Customers will be accommodated better, and their needs will be understood by the owners. The company will enhance efficiency and give local solutions to local problems.

Two companies, Aurora and OSI, are the leading suppliers in value-added proteins like beef, smokies, sausages, beef, sandwiches and pizza. With 50 retail outlets in over 17 countries, they are focused on giving the best local products to their clients.

For the last twenty years, they have been in China with new factories and new facilities all over the country. They have eight facilities there and are soon going to open new branches in not only China but also the rest of Asia. Feed mills in the country (China) will be one of their largest.

David McDonald OSI Group explained that giving the customers more will be in both product development and product variety. The OSI leaders interact with their clients so as to come up with more produce to supply. Partnerships will enable the customers to get the best service.

OSI gets their machines from technology companies that even develop X-ray machines that can detect dirty merchandise from suppliers. The company is involved in the production process of the raw meat and even the animals in the farms. They check if the food is grown and reared well in the farms.

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JHSF Participações S.A. Maintains the Lead in the Brazilian Real Estate Sector Thanks to Jose Auriemo

JHSF Participações S.A. is the top on the list of the largest real estate firms in Brazil. The company mostly develops high-end commercial projects, although it also leads when it comes to the development of luxury residential homes. It has been the company behind the development and management of the majority of the most prestigious shopping centers and luxury hotels in Brazil. The company was also contracted by the Brazilian government to develop one of the country’s international airport. JHSF is publicly-traded where its shares can be found at BM & FBovespa’s Novo Mercado.

JHSF Growth

JHSF opened its doors in Sao Paulo in 1972, and the city has since served as the company’s headquarters. As it continued to grow, JHSF opened offices in other strategic cities in the country, including Salvador and Manaus. With a strong local base, the company set out to conquer real estate industries in countries neighboring Brazil. They have so far opened international offices in U.S. cities of New York and Miami as well as in Uruguay. The total employee population in JHSF exceeds 5000 people, with the hiring trend showing that the figure is not coming down anytime soon. The company’s value was over $1 billion in assets as at October 2015. As a result of this impressive growth, Bovesta listed JHSF among the leading companies in Corporate Governance a decade ago.

Key Strategies

One of the chief contributors to the tremendous growth and widespread acceptance for JHSF is its consistency in delivering on quality. Secondly, the company has for a long time been praised for its hawk-eyed business approach that enables it to identify investment opportunities not seen by its competitors. Thirdly and most importantly, JHSF has put a lot of emphasis on sustainability and innovativeness in all of its project.

Jose Auriemo Neto

JHSF’s CEO and chairman is José Auriemo Neto. He has worked with the company for 24 years now, and he has served in executive positions for 20 years. In his capacity, he was the man behind the development of Shopping Santa Cruz and Ponta Negra Shopping Center, Manaus.

Jose Auriemo studied at the most prestigious universities in Sao Paulo, Fundação Armando Álvares Penteado (FAAP) University. He is the son to Fabio Auriemo, the founding president of JHSF.

Talk Fusion CEO Bob Reina Talks Innovation within Company

It takes more than just a little bit of success to turn your company into the industry standard. Talk Fusion, founded by CEO Bob Reina back in 2007, has turned into the leading innovator in the field of video marketing and communication solutions. Reina has done so much for the industry and most people aren’t very aware. So we decided to take a look at Bob Reina’s most recent sit down interview to really analyze what he has brought to the table.


What makes Talk Fusion so innovative and so important is that they are bringing a chance for companies to really focus on themselves rather than all of the fluff that goes on around them. Talk Fusion seeks to represent a variety of different tasks and solutions for companies including video marketing, conferencing, email marketing and more. This, Bob Reina states, is the biggest advantage to working with a company like them. Talk Fusion handles all of the outside stuff while the company, their customer, is free to focus on growing their customer service specifically.


What makes Talk Fusion great isn’t just the concept that they live by, it is also what they provide to customers via technology. Bob Reina states that Talk Fusion uses all of the latest technology around in order to give customers the best of the best products available. Really, Talk Fusion is focused on giving customers the cutting and leading edge services that they need in order to stay ahead of the pack.


Last year, in 2016, Talk Fusion experienced exponential growth thanks to several huge victories in the industry. The biggest thing for Talk Fusion in 2016 was their winning of the Communication Solutions Product of the Year Award from TMC for the Video Chat application. The Video Chat app, pioneered by Bob Reina and the rest of the Talk Fusion group, was developed on WebRTC technology and it became an instant hit for video to video communications. Bob Reina was proud of this application and is already focused on improving it in 2017 in order to bring in more praise, press, and innovation.


Securus Technologies Helps Jail Officials

I have seen a number of incidents where the products, as well as services being provided by Securus Technologies, are being used by jail official for nabbing criminals and making the community a much safer place for all.


I can remember an incident when the prison officials were doing some investigation and called up Securus Technologies. This is because they wanted to know about their covert alert feature. This feature was used in order to take their suspect into custody.


There are mails in which jail officials mentioned about listening to calls from inmate to inmate. These have helped them to resolve many cases.


Another was a call between two siblings. In this, the older sibling was informing, the younger one about exactly what to answer on being questioned about some shooting that had taken place recently. These are conversations that can be instrumental in solving any case.


I am aware that people have appreciated Securus Technologies for the LBS software. It is used along with the other resources and used for law enforcement. This way it has helped in recovering millions of dollars in illegal assets, drugs and even as cash. This kind of software is required for aiding jail officials. It makes their job easier. They feel that just the LBS software is enough for them to continue with Securus Technologies in the future too. This technology can be used in conjunction with software called the Investigator Pro. Then it makes Securus Technologies the best option as a jail phone provider.


For all these reasons Securus Technologies has extended an open invitation to its customers along with prospective investors to visit the Technology Center which is located in Dallas, Texas and see all their new products as well as services. They also await feedback and suggestions on what else is required from them.