DACA in Jeopardy: Frontera Fund Advocates Support Needed To Continue

There have been several recent attacks against programs for DACA launched by GOP members. DACA stands for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals. It is a commitment to providing youth who are undocumented a chance to stay in the United States instead of facing deportation. It also provides certain pre qualified people the chance to work in the United States and a provisional social security number. This program would help people gain employment for at least a couple of years as well as to get tuition at in-state rates

The Trump Administration has been further addressed by the attorney General Ken Paxton about the incumbent issues relating to DACA. This was due to threats regarding further legal action being taken in the event that the laid out demands are not fulfilled. The new applications in this case would not be considered further as the proposition encourages a phasing out for renewal processes.

There was significant support of this as nine noted attorney generals in red states in addition to a governor had signed this letter. More than eight hundred thousand people are protected by this program, and Secretary of Homeland Security John Kelly explained that the entire system is being threatened.

DACA is a program that has been in operation for more than five years. This has ascertained significant amounts of benefits throughout the United States. Meanwhile, more than ninetyfive percent of people who have benefitted from the program are able to study, work or do a combination of these things. Millions have been donated to universities as well as colleges throughout the country based on these standards. Further, more earnings and greater amounts of taxes have been shelled out and are just some results of the programs implementation.

A lot of studies are available that attest to the benefits of this program for economic growth as well as the livelihood of people who it supports. It is important to continue efforts to stop the elimination of DACA and to improve the way that people can be supported. Gaining better assistance as well as fighting in its defense are some ways that we can contribute to a better America. The Frontera Fund supports the continued efforts of DACA as well as the benefits it can provide to countless Mexican american immigrants.

The Lacey and Larkin Foundation have supported Mexican immigrant rights in the state of Arizona for years. They have advocated against violations of civil liberties and provided resources for legal defense as well as the opportunity for beneficial outcomes for those who have been adversely targeted in the past. Their continual advocacy for civil rights, fair treatment,and legislation that supports the valuable additions that immigrants contribute to our economy have been steadfast.

Along these lines, the Frontera Fund hopes to improve the lives of countless Mexican Americans while allowing them the opportunity to gain meaningful employment and preserve their lives int he United States. It is important to get beneficial results for the people who are affected by DACA by helping them stay in the country.

Sahm Adrangi, Stock Market Expert, Investor and Short Selling Guide

Sahm Adrangi, best known as the founder and Chief Investment Officer of Kerrisdale Capital Management, is a lot more than meets the eye. He has not only been actively engaging himself in the firm’s overall development, and since this company was founded in 2009, he has also multiplied the original value of his establishment significantly by providing valuable insight on various core segments. The Kerrisdale Capital Management was established with a mere investment of $1 million, yet today under the lead of Sahm Adrangi, this firm is valued at $150 Million.

Sahm Adrangi is often referred to as an expert in short selling as well as publishing research; he believes with conviction that under-followed long stocks, as well as overhyped short stocks, are often misinterpreted. He has avidly researched about resolutions to many of the misconceptions in the market, and he publishes these findings on his website as well as third-party portals such as investor sites. While he is considered as a master of many trades, in the last few years, he has focused his and his company’s combined efforts on advancing the biotechnology sector as well as the telecommunications industry. He has not only successfully exposed the various vulnerabilities of TLPS in a real-time webcast but also through online content, and meetings as well as letters filled to the FCC.

Other avenues that Sahm Adrangi has invested his time and energies into include providing funding to management organizations such as Lindsay Corporation Management. This new venture was accepted with the primary goal of increasing the firm’s cash deployment while tweaking the fiscal allocation policies. He has also replaced the directors of Morgans Hotel Group. His career in the financial sector commenced in credit with offering bullet obligation loans at Deutsche Bank.

Sahm Adrangi has also taken an interest to speak at conferences, and a few of the places he has spoken are include but are not limited to Sohn Conference, Distressed Debt Investing Conference and Traders 4 A Cause. His work and his research have been highlighted in various popular publications where he has published meaningful, captivating content for specific targeted demographic audiences from around the world.



Scott Rocklage is a well-known entrepreneur and has remarkable experience working in the management levels of various industries that are associated with pharmaceutical products. His love for scientific innovations and medical research is what has earned him his over 30 years of experience in the field.


Rocklage has held various management positions over the years, which enabled him to gain the approval of the FDA to use some of the drugs that he invented. These drugs include Omniscan, Telescan, and Cubicin. He also got the opportunity to get six candidates for testing to see just how well the drugs would work. The records that Dr. Scott Rocklage has set in his life have not only jolted his life forward but have also gained him prominence.


Scott was part of the founding managing partners at 5AM Ventures. From July 1994-March 2001 he was serving as the chief executive officer and president of cubist pharmaceuticals incorporation, and he served as its founding CEO from July 1994-June 2003. He also served as the president of Amersham Health.


Rocklage is currently serving as the board chairman of Rennovia, a pharmaceutical company. He is also the chair of Achaogen and Relypsa; he is on the board of waveRx and pulmatrix as well as on the board of associates at the Whitehead Institute.


His experience in being an entrepreneur has also come with some challenges as well as some good things. The challenge that he has faced has been that of hiring the wrong people, but this he says can be easily rectified. He considers that the best way to start your day is early. This is why he chose to name his company 5AM ventures. His piece of advice to entrepreneurs is that one shouldn’t be afraid to take a risk and that one should also not overstretch the business’ resources.


Scott Rocklage has had a huge number of peer-viewed publications. He has also been able to assist in various inventions on over 30 US patents. Scott says that the most exciting thing about science is the everyday discovery of things that make treatment of illnesses easier and the never-ending process of learning.


To learn more, visit http://5amventures.com/team/scott-m-rocklage-phd/.