Sentient AI – A/B Testing

An entire industry of software has emerged to address the needs of ecommerce companies. The need most in demand is converting as many customers as possible. Managers want to take casual browsers and turn them into buyers. How else would the business be profitable? The key to optimizing and maximizing profit is to focus your efforts on conversion rate. This is called conversion rate optimization or conversion science. Your development team may be up to date on the latest news in SEO and follow all the best practices, and they may be the best designers around and apply the best design principles in cyberspace but that won’t guarantee higher conversion. The secret to higher conversion rates is consistency and simplicity. Sentient AI can help your ecommerce business achieve both.

Sentient AI is the perfect system for managers searching for a quick way to optimize their website performance. The dashboard on the user interface is easy to read and presents managers with all relevant data to their business. When elements on a website interact with one another in random or unexpected ways it affects performance; Sentient AI takes these variances into consideration and tweaks the inputs to optimize the final output. Your website will always be ready to go. Traditional development methods like A/B testing took the approach of creating two separate pages and presenting them to your audience at varying intervals. Obviously, the process of A/B testing is unforgivably slow and the constraints are excruciating. What if your team has 3 or 4 pages that you would like to test? The results could take years to come back! Thankfully, Sentient AI addresses this problem with the strength of multivariate testing. This layer of intelligence enables the artificial intelligence to continually test each page at the same time. There is never any downtime and your customers present you with all the necessary data to upgrade your user interface and give the user experience a complete overhaul.

Whether you want to change button color, font size, or rearrange elements, you will find something great in Sentient AI. By optimizing your space economy on your website you will engage your customers more and improve your conversion rate. The possibility of keeping multiple versions of the same page in your production funnel is the real key to conversion rate optimization in a short span of time. The companies who have already started using Sentient AI have seen highly favorable results to their conversion ratios.


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