Securus Customers Refer Exclusive Technology

Are you under pressure with your current inmate call provider with huge fees? What’s worst is feeling like you’re paying for fees you don’t use, but Securus Technology only supports a network with strong customer feedback. Their CEO, responsible for primary services and features at Securus says, it’s very important to include their customers in their design model. He understands it is the customers who decide on the services which benefit the family and inmate calling community. They have also been a part of their integrated website forum allowing their customers to refer and compare inmate technology.


Securus proudly received their start as an inmate regulator for other networks and continue to use their technology to protect the general public. Their surveillance and monitoring techniques continue to be very popular among their users. You can rest assured with Securus you’re on a network with little to no dropped calls and easy access to your account anytime. Most inmates and their families have said they feel limited trying to communicate with love ones in a correctional facility. Treat yourself to an inmate that’s easier to navigate conveniently from their website. You’ll be glad you made the switch to Securus Technologies.


Preferred Customer Securus Technology


remote visitation

– multiple device compatibility

– online inmate photos

– transfer money to an inmates account

– 24 hour IT support

inmate voicemail

– email access

– kiosk system

– and much more…


Their customers have been proudly comparing their technology to other networks. In fact, you’ll love getting customer advice from actual users of the Securus technology features. Their website has descriptive tabs of each of their features on their website. Get the best of your inmate communication over a secure network you can rely on for superior coverage with Securus Technologies.


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