Diplomat Daniel Taub achievements for the Jewish community

Daniel Taub has played a big role in making the diplomatic relations between Israel and the United Kingdom better. He was appointed by the ministry of foreign affairs in Israel to represent the country in London. He was the ambassador of Israel to the United Kingdom. In this position, Daniel Taub left no stone unturned. He worked diligently and proved to everyone that he was indeed up to the task. His work in the office of the ambassador saw the two countries have a better relationship that was driven by issues of mutual interests. Daniel Taub legacy in this position is out there for any person especially the Jews to read. He has accomplished a lot than any other diplomat who has ever represented Israel.



Daniel Taub was appointed to this position due to his earlier dedication to serving the government and the people of Israel. He had worked for many years under the ministry of foreign affair. His achievements in earlier duties under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs led to his appointment as the envoy to the United Kingdom.



Daniel Taub is an international attorney. He has studied international law with a bias in counter-terrorism and laws of war. He has applied his knowledge in legal matters to help, his country deal with issues of international stature. He has been acting as the adviser of the delegation that represents Israel in the United Nations at Geneva and New York. Daniel Taub has also worked in other posts in positions of either legal or diplomatic mission.



Daniel Taub tenure in the United Kingdom was marked by a show of a staunch orthodox Jew who would not keep his belief and religion away from his service. He normally wore the Kippah as a show of his strict adherence to the Jewish culture.



Daniel Taub did his work diligently by ensuring that his country and the Jewish community came first. He cared for the welfare of his people. This is the reason why he was loved by his people. He worked very hard to see that there were improvements in their welfare in terms of social and economic growth. He made sure that there was a cordial relationship between the two countries that would allow for a good environment for the Jews to live and do business.


The Jewish community refers to him as the best ambassador since the time of Shlomo Argov. He cared for the Jewish community very much.


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